Chennai to Valparai Tour Packages

Valparai Hill Station Tour Packages from Chennai

Valparai Hill station is considered the best tourist place in Tamil Nadu. This place is extremely pollution-free heavenly land surrounded with full of tea estates. This green lush area is the most suitable climate to make your trips super amazing featured with all the majestic heavens. This hill station is popularly enriched with the exotic experience in the place of mountain range stations that held with the level on the Anamalai mountain range. This place has several tea and coffee estates that are suitable for the climates of Valparai hilly areas. The forested areas of Valparai are known to establish dedicated and experienced suitable coffee and tea plantations. This place has several dedicated to the tourism industry that is well known for the Valparai experience to cause profitable hits and assist the practices of dedication to your tour.

Athirapally Falls Tour Packages

Valparai Hill station is located above 3500 feet high from sea level. This area is a must place to have a tour for the adventurers. Also, the portions and the surroundings of the hills are heavily dropped up with the greenery overall and the level of attraction makes the record to spread the mountains and picturesque all around. You must be familiar with the Chinna Kallar place located in Valparai which is counted under heavy rainfall areas in India. This region is rich in elephant tract and highly known to have many leopards. However, the Valparai range is also considered the habitat of Nilhiti Tahr. Also, tourists can visit the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the most prominent attractions in Valparai. Chennai Travels services include a complete tour of these attractions including every great place for bird watching.

Our Valparai tour packages from Chennai packages include a high range of services with perfect management and a comfortable stay that covers all the local tours with finite scenario planning. Also, tour packages are one of the best ways to travel with perfect planning and arrangements that are required to be taken care of and booking tour packages with a lot of travel experience. Our most popular packages are the best way to explore the Pollachi and Valparai.

Places to visit in Valparai

  • Aliyar Dam:
  • Aliyar Dam is located near Aliyar village that is situated in Pollachi town in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, South India. This place is an ideal location to chill out with friends, which makes sure to give an amazing majestic view of the hilly mountains. This tourist spot is well maintained which gives the ideal look to give a shit thrilling of a waterfall.
  • Sholayar Dam
  • The Sholayar Dam is located 20km from Valparai, a Hill station in the Anaimalai Hills of the Coimbatore. This tourist place is extremely maintained with a special reservoir to make a water capacity project. People visit here to make the special moments a part of happiness. This hill station is beautiful in actuality and makes the turns very entertaining.
  • Chinnakallar Falls
  • Chinnakallar Falls is a waterfall in the Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. This area is the third wettest area in India that leads us to the waterfall. This place is well maintained to make an entertaining visit to the frequent moments accompanied by elephants. Also, there is an entry fee which is the third-highest rainfall receiving a place in India.
  • Monkey Falls:
  • Money falls is very close to a famous tourist attraction with waterfalls which is a safe place with a waterfall to reach from the road. This tourist place is also blessed with a small temple that is a famous and pleasant place to spend the weekend with your friends. This place is a famous attraction with a waterfall within the reach of the road and is a safe place except in monsoon time.
  • Loam’s View Falls
  • The loam’s view falls is the best place to visit and have a breathtaking tourism experience. It is a natural habitat that is blessed with a reservoir that is perfect to see the top view and get the soothing tourism experience. This place is quite filled up with natural attractions that are aware of getting you over to the mountain ranges and a beautiful place to drive for a long time.
  • Nallamudi Poonjolai
  • This place is an amazing refreshing drive featured with winding gestures and a rolling trace to get the tea gardens uphill and benefit their imbibe essence of the surrounding. This edge of the rocky platform on the mighty falls gives the feeling of the tallest mountain in South India that is a thick forest spreading out among the flowering trees that include numerous waterfalls cascading the down step built up with thick forests.
  • Grass Hills:
  • The sweetgrass hills is a small group of low mountains that are high above sea level. This landscape is a combination of peaks that are composed to give an attractive look towards the higher ranges. This surrounding landscape is a unique range to put a light on the creeping significant scenarios deep-rooted with the hillsides.
  • Tea Estates:
  • This tourist place is a plantation area that is the most extreme place of attraction for the specific contribution. This area is quite a slot of promotion towards the techniques inclined surrounding waterways. However, this place is a must-visit if you are looking for an amazing sector of specifical plantation sprung up over the greenery areas.

Chennai to Valparai Family Tour Packages

Our Valparai tour packages include the most beautiful tourist destination with mountains, pastures, and various many other explored tourist destinations accompanied with the experience of beauty and memorable holidays. We have special tour packages with attractive offers and impressive deals for honeymooners, families, and groups. Our Valpari hill station tour packages from Chennai packages include a Cochin-Munnar- Valparai group tour which is the best package outing tourism for friends and family members. We offer a four-five days honeymoon tour package that gives a romantic feeling of slot moments spent by newly married couples. Chennai Travels packages cover a lot of destination trips to the hilly and mountain regional areas that cover all the Valparai group tours with a minimum of one to two night stays.

Car rental for Valparai tour

We offer a wide range of car rental services for holiday tours. As per your choice, you are free to choose your favorable cars on rent and experience the comfortable and happy rides with the luxurious feelings to symbolize your standards in choosing Valparai family tour packages from Chennai and style in hand.

  • Innova Car Rental:
  • Innova is a luxury nine seater car that is driven by the dreamy standard people to prove their worth to the world. They hold a fashion statement with an excellent service serving with the utmost comfortable tour. This car makes sure to offer you a secure and safe drive anywhere you want.
  • Etios Car Rental:
  • The Toyota Etios is a subcompact car that is extremely giant to provide you the quality experience of traveling featured with the higher quality seats along with the creamy colored interior. This is a well standard car that holds the comfortable and safe driven practices involved in this.
  • Toyota Altis Car Rental:
  • The Toyota Altis is a perfect car that you can rent for your tourist practices. This car holds the perfect balance of performance and style that comes with the most popular models from the Japanese car manufacturer. This car can be said to be a true engineering wonder build-up with a seal of excellence.

Bus/ Mini Bus Rental for Valparai Tour

  • 21 seater:
  • We provide you with 21 seater bus rental services for your Valparai tour that ensures your family traveling in a very fun and entertaining way to make a heap of togetherness. Our minibus is extremely luxurious and blessed with comfortable seats all over rounded.
  • 25 seater:
  • We also provide you a 25 seater minibus rental practice for your Valparai tour for your joint family requirements or if you are a group of friends that are looking for a together traveling in a bus. Then, this luxurious bus is the best option for you.
  • Ac and Non Ac Bus Rental:
  • Chennai Travels service involves providing you with Ac bus and Non-ac bus rental services that give you the best traveling experience that makes a trip of remembrance with the best affordable rental experiences.

Van rental for Valparai Hills Tour

  • Tempo traveler:
  • Our team offers our tourist’s a tempo traveler that enables our clients to experience the best affordable price packages serving them with the utmost comfortable outing plans.
  • 14 seater:
  • This fourteen seater van helps the travelers to serve them with an amazing dream that fills up a lot of excitement and essential ride to our happy customers.
  • 16 seater:
  • Our Chennai to valparai Tour Packages help the tourists to choose their counting seats. If you’re sixteen people traveling to the Valparai hills then you can opt for our 16 seater van facility.
  • 18 seater:
  • As discussed above, we serve the best count you are looking for. Our traveling services include serving you with the best traveling package at the best affordable price throughout.
  • 20 seater:
  • This is the maximum limit for a van facility. If you are twenty people looking to rent a van, then you are at a perfect place. This service will allow you to book a safe and secure trip with our 20 seater van service.

Custom packages also available