Wedding Car Rental in Chennai

Wedding Car Rental in Chennai

Wedding is an affair to remember, a day of great importance in your life. The special and unique day needs a great start and a fabulous journey to your wedding destination. Chennai Travels’s luxury car rental service for wedding make the inception of your bridal journey most memorable and beautiful. The car rental services in Chennai best-in-class customer care to help the prospects and the existing customers to cater to their requirements.

We are strong believers in the fact that the journey should be more beautiful and important than the destination. Our sole motive is to make the beginning of your bridal journey the most memorable and beautiful as your whole life is going to be. We will ensure that all your needs heading for are very well taken care of by the Chennai Travels wedding car rentals service.

Wedding Car Rental in Chennai

Toyota Innova Car Rental

Our Range of Luxury Wedding Cars

It is the celebration time that happens once in a lifetime. You must not compromise to portray it as a mediocre wedding. It is a big day for both Groom’s and Bride’s family which will set the tone of the future family bonding. Chennai Travels offer the best-in-class premium luxury car segment that every groom or Bride’s family dreams of.

Rolls Royce

The premium segment luxury car reinforces your status to make you stand out from the rest. The Rolls Royce wedding car rental services start at Rs. 25000 for 2 Hrs/20kms. You can rent for 4hrs/40kms at Rs. 40000, or for 8hrs/80kms at Rs. 80000. The additional per Km charge is Rs. 800, and the additional per hour charge is Rs. 10000. Know More about Rolls Rolls Royce car rental in Chennai

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Audi Wedding Car Rental


Wedding Car Rental Services Chennai offers Audi variants that include: Audi A3, Audi A6, Audi Q7, and Audi A8L. The rental for the Audi A6 and Audi Q7 begins at Rs. 6000 and Rs. 7500 respectively for 4hrs/40kms. For Audi A4, A6, and Q7, the rental begins at Rs. 6000, Rs. 10000, and Rs. 15000 respectively for 8hrs/80kms. The additional per KM for Audi Q7 stands at Rs.125. The additional per hour rental stands at Rs. 600, Rs. 900, and Rs. 1500 for A4, A6, and Q7 respectively. Know more about Audi car rental in Chennai


Jaguar belongs to the high class super luxury segment is the epitome of your flamboyance and grace. Jaguar embodies style, elegance, power resulting in the ultimate performance. Chennai Travels offers a wide variety of Jaguar that includes Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF, and Jaguar XJ.

You can hire a Jaguar XE at Rs. 5000, Jaguar XF at Rs. 6000, and Jaguar XJL at Rs. 12000 for 4hrs/40kms. If you want to hire Jaguar variants for 8hrs/80kms, then you need to pay Rs. 10000, 12000, and 20000 respectively. Additional per km charges for the variants in the same order are Rs.75, Rs. 100, and Rs. 200 respectively. The additional per hour charges stand at Rs. 1000 for both XE and XF, and Rs. 1500 for XL segment. The outstation Bata per day is at Rs. 1000 for all 3 segments. Know more about Jaguar car rental in Chennai

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Mercedes BENZ

Mercedes Benz combines power with elegance and high on-road presence with a much powerful engine with high torque. Although a delicate and sophisticated car, Mercedes Benz is equipped to explore all kinds of terrain without affecting its performance, comfort, and safety. It is ideal for families and friends for their long journey to and from the wedding destination with style and class.

The available versions of Mercedes Benz at Chennai Travels include Mercedes Benz E class, S class, and G Wagon. The rentals for E class stands at Rs. 5000 for 4 Hrs/40kms and Rs.10000 for 8Hrs/80Kms. The additional Per KM is Rs. 65 and the additional Per Hour is Rs. 700. Know More about Mercedes Benz car rental in Chennai


This super luxury car suits your demeanor. Powered by ultra-modern facilities and plush enjoyment of the high-class drive, BMW offers the level of comfort that makes the car stands miles apart. Chennai Travels offers affordable BMW car rental services for BMW 3-series rental, 5-series rental, 6-series rental, and 7-series rental. Know more about BMW car rental in Chennai

Employee Car Rental Service
Employee Car Rental Service


This is a sheer joy and blast to ride that combines loading power and elegance for your long journey to and from the wedding destination. You can hire Mini Cooper not only for wedding events but also for corporate events, and all your vacation needs and tours. Chennai Travels offers Mini Cooper Car rental is offered for Chennai Airport transfers. Know more about Mini Cooper car rental in Chennai

Toyota Fortuner

In technical terms, Toyota Fortuner is designed for safety while traversing through the length and breadth of the country enjoying a long comfortable drive. These vehicles are famous for their sturdy looks and strong on road presence that carries much powerful engine ideal for both business and vacation trips.

You can higher this segment for Fortuner Car Rental for TV, Silver & Small Screen Film Productions, and Fortuner Cabs for Chennai Airport Transfers, Fortuner Car rental for Employee Transportations & Corporate Events. The other variants of Toyota offered by Chennai Travels are Toyota Innova car rental in Chennai and Toyota Altis. Know more about Toyota Toyota Fortuner car rental in Chennai

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Hire Luxury Wedding Cars at Best Price

What is an Indian wedding, without the magnificence and grandeur? Of all the other grand decorations that form a part of the wedding, the car which you choose will multiply the overall grandeur of the wedding day. We are the best option for luxury wedding car rentals, determined to provide the most efficient car rental services for marriage happening in Chennai. We are specialists in providing customized and flower decorated wedding cars at a very reasonable cost.

We have a great range of luxury cars for rent to decorate your wedding event. Be it Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper, Corolla Altis, Toyota Fortuner at the best and affordable price. We have the economy versions of cars as well.

Car Rental Tariff for Outstation Trips

Cars Rental in Chennai

Car Type Seaters 4 Hrs/ 40 Kms 8 Hrs/ 80 Kms Additional Kms Additional Hrs Outstation Min. 250KM Outstation Add Per KM Driver Batta/Day
Swift Dzire/ Toyota Etios 4+1 ₹1,200/- ₹2,400/- ₹12/- ₹220/- ₹3,000/- ₹12/- ₹500/-
Toyota Innova 6+1 ₹1,700/- ₹3,400/- ₹17/- ₹340/- ₹3,000/- ₹17/- ₹500/-
Toyota Innova 7+1 ₹1,700/- ₹3,400/- ₹17/- ₹340/- ₹4,000/- ₹17/- ₹500/-
Toyota Crysta 6+1 ₹1,900/- ₹3,800/- ₹19/- ₹380/- ₹4,000/- ₹19/- ₹500/-
Toyota Crysta 7+1 ₹1,900/- ₹3,800/- ₹19/- ₹380/- ₹4,750/- ₹19/- ₹500/-
Toyota Altis 4+1 ₹2,600/- ₹5,200/- ₹26/- ₹400/- ₹5,250/- ₹19/- ₹500/-
Toyota Fortuner 7+1 ₹3,800/- ₹5,600/- ₹45/- ₹500/- ₹13,750/- ₹55/- ₹500/-
Tariff General Terms:
  • Starting & closing, km/hrs will be calculated from our garage to garage.
  • More than the usage of 7hrs & 12hrs are considered respectively 10hrs & 15hrs rate.
  • Rates are inclusive of fuel and driver only.
  • Toll fee, Parking fee, Entry fee are additional from the mentioned tariff.
  • Drive batta is calculated on a calendar day basis.
  • Rates may change based on diesel/petrol price change.
  • In case of cancellation after the vehicle starts from our garage or no-show from the customer. A cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Mentioned vehicle models and facilities are subject to availability.
  • 50% of the advance is payable while booking the vehicle.

Customer Care is Our Strength!

All our energy and efforts are focused on keeping our customers delighted and safe and fulfill all their needs concerning their marriage car requirements. We understand that your wedding is the most special occasion, as that is the beginning of a new journey. The couple, as well as the family, involved wishing everything to go as per the plans and expectations, especially shuttling the bride and groom from one place to another. With our wedding car rental services, that is taken care of pretty well efficiently!!

We also do special and cost-effective flower decorations at the request of the customers, symbolizing that the married couple can have the beginning of their new life with beauty and fragrance and blessings of the almighty.

Custom packages also available