Luxury Car Rental in Chennai

Luxury Car Rental in Chennai

Chennai is fast becoming one of the world’s most famous cities with many global companies opening offices. Also, the airport’s infrastructure to roads is all now of international standards to make it the most sought out city in the world for both businesses and tourists. Hence the need for luxury car rentals in Chennai is continuously rising every year. And Chennai Travels is also growing with Chennai to offer the best luxury cars for rent in Chennai.

A few years ago, it was rare to see luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, among others in Chennai. But now many luxury cars are running across Chennai and to many destinations. One of the significant contributors to this change is Chennai Travels as we have a plethora of luxury cars for rent in Chennai to cater to our customers’ many purposes. We have now become the #1 in luxury car rental services in Chennai along with our personalized and expert service.

Luxury Car Rental in Chennai
Luxury Car Rental in Chennai

The Best Features of Chennai Travels to Hire Luxury Car in Chennai

It is not without reason that Chennai Travels is the #1 in luxury car rentals in Chennai. With years of experience and strive to provide the best and latest luxury cars to our customers, many other features make us remain in the top spot for a long time now. Get any time availability of almost all the luxury cars from Rolls Royce to Jaguar among others. Experienced, skilled, and courteous drivers to take good care of luxury cars and our customers to have their best time

Maintain all the luxury cars at their peak performance to provide our customers not only an extravagant ride but also safety. We keep all the luxury cars clean and perfumed after each ride, and our drivers are experts in doing it to make our customers comfortable during their luxury car rentals in Chennai. For weddings and other functions, we make sure that all our customer requirements of a luxury car rental in Chennai get fulfilled 24 x 7 with no let out. We are the leading luxury car rentals in Chennai as we offer world-famous cars and world-class service for corporate functions. Our luxury car booking is a simple process with just a few clicks to have it at the doorstep in time to go anywhere our customers want to go.

Our experience for years and contacts pan India helps us to provide 24 x 7 roadside help. All our bookings for luxury car rentals in Chennai include damage insurance to provide our customers with safety with assurance. We offer the most competitive charges for luxury car rentals in Chennai with many flexible pricing packages but with no hidden charges

Luxury Car Rental in Chennai

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Luxury Cars Rental Price in Chennai

Audi Car Rental Tariff for Chennai Local Trips

A4 A6 Q7
4Hrs / 40Kms - ₹6,000/- ₹7,500/-
8Hrs / 80Kms ₹6,000/- ₹10,000/- ₹15,000/-
Additional Per KM ₹60/- ₹90/- ₹125/-
Additional Per Hour ₹600/- ₹900/- ₹1,500/-

Jaguar Car Rental Tariff for Chennai Local Trips

Jaguar XE Jaguar XF Jaguar XJL
4Hrs / 40Kms ₹5,000/- ₹6,000/- ₹12,000/--
8Hrs / 80Kms ₹10,000/- ₹12,000/- ₹22,000/-
Additional Per KM ₹75/- ₹100/- ₹200/-
Additional Per Hour ₹1,000/- ₹1,000/- ₹1,500/-
Outstation Driver Bata Per Day ₹1,000/- ₹1,000/- ₹1,000/-

Mercedes Benz Car Rental Tariff for Chennai Local Trips

E Class S Class GLS
4Hrs / 40Kms ₹5,000/- ₹10,000/- ₹15,000/-
8Hrs / 80Kms ₹10,000/- ₹20,000/- ₹25,000/-
Additional Per KM ₹65/- ₹150/- ₹250/-
Additional Per Hour ₹700/- ₹1,500/- ₹2,500/-

Advantages of Choosing Our Luxury Car Rental Services

We are aiming at satisfying the customers and to make them happy with our travel expedition. You cannot even imagine such cheap and best rats from other services here in Chennai.

We do have online booking facilities and our services are extended round the clock with no back end charges and all.

It is obviously your trip and you can use the vehicle as per your convenience and you can go anywhere sticking to the mainframe of the travel plans and we are clear with our insurance policies for safety purposes.

We are available 24/7 to help you in choosing the most suitable luxury cars based on your budget.

Our Wide Range of Luxury Cars for Rental in Chennai

Traveling in a luxurious car is a sign of an expensive lifestyle in this trending world. Owning a luxurious car is quite challenging for almost all classes of people and sometimes it ends up only as a dream without getting fulfilled. Owning seems to be difficult whereas having those vehicles hired for a short duration is made possible using our Luxury Car Rental in Chennai.

We are highly focused on offering you a dedicated and standard service to make you feel comfortable and satisfied. You can have your model and style of cars selected from us for Best Luxury Car Rental. We have Mercedes Benz, Audi, Camry, BMW, and Jaguar as Top-end models for Corporate events, weddings, VIP transport, family outings and long trips. We are made easy and convenient with our rendered services. All the above benefits are for all the luxury cars that are famous worldwide and include

Audi Car Rental in Chennai

Audi cars are not only for famous films and other prominent personalities anymore. With us, our customers enjoy the wonderful world-class experience of having a ride in Audi cars for many purposes. Our Audi luxury car rental in Chennai includes most of the latest models, including the Audi Q8. We can even offer the costly Audi A8, RS7, and RSQ8 models for our customers on prior intimation. Know more about Audi car rental in Chennai

Audi Car Rental
BMW Rental

BMW Car Rental in Chennai

We provide most of the 19 BMW models available in India from the X1 to M8 on request from our customers. BMW luxury car rentals in Chennai with us come with expert and skilled drivers to double the joy of riding on beautiful BMW cars, SUVs, and MUVs. It gives our customers enormous satisfaction and pride for having a ride in BMW luxury car rentals in Chennai. Know more about BMW car rental in Chennai

Rolls Royce Car Rental in Chennai

Rolls Royce is not anymore only for royals and rich people but also for our customers from any walk of life. We take pride in offering most of the Rolls Royce models from Dawn to Phantom on request to our customers. They could have the royal service go with the Rolls Royce luxury car rentals in Chennai to ride like flying on the Chennai roads. Know more about Rolls Royce car rental in Chennai

Bus Rental
Bus Rental

Mercedes Benz Car Rental in Chennai

We provide most of the Mercedes Benz models from A, C, E, G, S, V, GLE, GLS, and others in India at our customers’ request. We will maintain the Benz cars, which is a costly affair but provide Benz luxury car rentals in Chennai at affordable costs. It is to make our customers enjoy having a ride in Mercedes Benz latest models to be proud of it for a long time. Know More about Mercedes Benz car rental in Chennai

Mini Cooper Car Rental in Chennai

Mini Cooper luxury car rentals in Chennai Chennai serves many purposes with its economy, unique look, and speeding like a race car. We enjoy riding on these cars, which could speed up from 0 to 6 miles within 7 seconds. Our Mini Cooper luxury car rentals in Chennai have the best drivers to fulfill our customers’ dream of driving on a race car. And it is also at affordable costs to go for a long drive anywhere any time with Chennai Travels. Know more about Mini Cooper car rental in Chennai

Bus Rental

Extensions of Our Luxury Car Rental Service

Hiring Best Luxury Car Rental in Chennai is up to the choice of the Individual and it can be used for any form of services he/she desires. You can choose our vehicles for a variety of places with a variety of works in nature. We are ready to offer you sincere and dedicated drivers to satisfy the customers with a wide range. For the below places, you can prefer us undoubtedly.

Weddings and Receptions

Everyone dreams of getting married like a prince and princess. Looks may fade if the vehicles are not appropriate. For grandeur weddings and receptions, only luxurious cars are suitable and pleasant. You will feel the ultimate luxury inside the top-end models. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking services for continuous monitoring and tracking.

Bus Rental
Bus Rental

Corporate Events and Gatherings

Corporate Events and Gatherings – Get Together and events are likely to occur in the corporate field and for these types of functions standard cars must be used. Audi Car Rental in Chennai is extended mainly for the corporate companies’ usage.

Small Screen and Silver Screen shootings

Shootings happen in various places around Chennai and for all the places we are ready to extend our help. Jaguar Cars are in demand and these days and even we are ready to offer you Jaguar Car Rental in Chennai. Our drivers are very decent and strict in maintaining discipline. Also, we use a cent fit and perfect vehicles for every single use irrespective of the actual situation.

Rents on a Monthly Basis

If you are aware of your programs for the respective month you can Hire Luxury Car Rental in Chennai with Driver well in advance with concession in payment. You can reduce the bulk amount to a certain percentage if you are using it on a routine basis.

Pick up & Drops

Luxury Cars can even be hired for pick-ups and drops to certain places and all our cars are maintained well and up to date technologies are inherited. Travel plans are flexible and affordable and it depends on the place and destination. Timely flexibility is available with all our rental cabs and cars for your satisfaction and convenience.

Custom packages also available